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Kaplan proudly serves members of the military, veterans, and their families

Kaplan is proud to educate students who have dedicated their lives in the service of their nation.

Today, Kaplan University enrolls approximately 9,400 military personnel (active duty, veterans, and their spouses) and has more than 5,600 military alumni.

Military students come to Kaplan because of its educational quality and career-focused curriculum, support services, and the convenience of flexible, online courses compatible with their challenging schedules and frequent changes in deployment status. They appreciate Kaplan's interest in their success, embodied in our discounted military tuition plan.


Personal stories of achievement

Kaplan's positive outcomes are measured one student success story at a time. Here is a sampling of the thousands of service members and veterans whose Kaplan education has helped them advance their careers and better their futures, and of whom we are so proud.


Troy Shifflett
Associates of Applied Science, Criminal Justice (2009)
Kaplan Career Institute, Harrisburg, PA

After years in the military, Troy Shifflett wanted to pursue a law enforcement career. Upon returning home to Pennsylvania, he began working in private security but knew a degree was necessary to pursue his goal of becoming a police officer.

Troy chose Kaplan Career Institute for its career-focused program. Most of his instructors worked in criminal justice, enriching the course work with their real-world experience and knowledge. Also, Tory was able to grow his own experience level with a KCI-sponsored externship at the local police department.

After graduation, with the help of the KCI career services team, Troy landed a job as the supervisor of security for Hershey Entertainment and Resorts. Further, he has decided to pursue his bachelor's degree at a local university and is one step closer to fulfilling his dream of becoming a police officer.


Lawrence Wiggins
Bachelor of Science, Criminal Justice (2010)
Kaplan University

A career in law enforcement is all Lawrence Wiggins has ever wanted. After finishing service in the U.S. Army as a military police investigator, Lawrence went to work as a deputy sheriff in South Carolina.

Lawrence turned to Kaplan University because he needed to finish his degree in order to advance in his career. A husband and father of two children, he needed the flexibility of an online school to help him juggle his family obligations with his rotating schedule at the sheriff's office.

Kaplan's criminal justice degree with a concentration in forensic psychology meshed well with Lawrence's career goals and he liked the fact that his instructors were active law enforcement professionals, like him. It made it easier for him to grasp the textbook concepts and apply them to real-world situations. In addition, he made some great professional contacts with his professors.

Five days after he finished his last class, he applied for a promotion to investigator and received it. Now, Lawrence is pursuing his master's degree in criminal justice through Kaplan. His wife has joined him to pursue bachelor's and master's degrees in nursing.


Michael D. Dale
Associate of Applied Science, Medical Assisting (2008)
Kaplan University, Des Moines, IA

Michael Dale joined the armed forces three weeks after graduating from high school, eventually serving eight years in the Army and six years in the Air Force. He served as a rapid response medic in the Army, but it wasn't until his wife pushed him to get formal training that he realized what an incredible field medicine is.

Michael enrolled in Kaplan University's medical assisting program. He benefited from his medical understanding when his daughter was diagnosed with a debilitating illness. As he took care of her, it became an even greater challenge for Michael to balance his home life and studies. Although he missed some classes in his last term, he remained focused and worked at an externship at Indianola Family Medicine.


In March 2008, Michael graduated with honors and accepted a job as a medical assistant. Soon, he was promoted to a triage nurse at the Mercy Clinic in Indianola, Iowa. Then, Michael was recruited to work as a lab manager at Indianola Family Medicine, his former Kaplan University-externship site. Currently, he's working toward becoming a Physician's Assistant.


Al' Vincent Mitchell
Master of Business Administration (2009)
Kaplan University (Online)

Al' Vincent is an active duty Marine, who overcame the challenge of going back to school to earn his Masters while being a husband, father, active military service member, Marine Corps instructor and more.

While attending KU, Al'Vincent served in leadership positions for numerous Kaplan student organizations, including the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization, the Business School's Ambassador and Leaders organization, Alpha Beta Kappa, and is the co-founder of a virtual business fraternity and sorority called Gamma Chi Theta. He is also on the board of directors for the Military Benefits Association and attributes his education to his confidence in making decisions on this board.

Shortly after earning his MBA, Al'Vincent was promoted to First Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps. Once he retires from the military, he'd like to be a CEO of a corporation or own his own business.


Michael Johnson
Master of Science, Criminal Justice (2010)
Kaplan University

Many thought that Michael Johnson was too old for college. But he disagreed. What better way to set an example for his granddaughter, who was in high school and unsure that she would continue her education? After all, he thought, he wasn't even 60 yet and "life is too short." Plus, the police department he worked for was offering a pay incentive to anyone who earned a degree.

A resident of Washington State, Michael started with his associate's degree, and then went on to earn his bachelor's, and then a master's degree—all in criminal justice—at Kaplan University. As a result of earning his degrees, he was promoted to police and traffic officer, and received a salary increase.

Now retired, Michael has enrolled in another university's Ph.D. program, and plans to teach once he completes the degree. And, Michael is pleased to report that his granddaughter is attending college.


Michael Lill
Bachelor of Science, Accounting (2010)
Kaplan University

Michael had a good job, a good education and, overall, a pretty good life. He served in the Navy for five years, and when he left the military in 1980 he went to work at well-known, global companies. He held respectable positions, starting as a computer operator, and then moved on to become a programmer and business analyst.

Still, Michael, who already had one bachelor's degree, was looking to advance. He came to Kaplan to fulfill his goal of getting into management and accounting. He felt Kaplan had the best reputation after researching many online schools.

Upon earning a bachelor's degree from Kaplan University, Michael re-enrolled and is currently pursuing a master's in accounting at Kaplan. He works at Georgia Military College as a business analyst in financial aid. He has assumed more responsibility as a result of his first Kaplan degree, and says he is respected more by his colleagues and supervisors as someone who has initiative and drive, and "sees things through to the end."


Miguel Valladares
Bachelor of Science, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement (2010)
Kaplan University

After being injured while serving in Iraq, Miguel Valladares' life completely changed. He was in a wheelchair and needed crutches or a cane to walk. The rehabilitation process wasn't easy. He knew he could not go back to civilian life and work in his previous professions as a commercial truck driver or aviation pilot.
Following bouts of depression, Miguel picked himself up and decided to continue his education. However, he found it difficult to attend a traditional school. When he learned about Kaplan University, he knew obtaining a degree online was a much better alternative.

Once he contacted Kaplan he never looked back. Through sheer strength, courage and determination, Miguel completed his bachelor's degree and is now enrolled at Concord Law School.


Lynessa East
Associate's degree, Business Administration (2010)
Kaplan University

Lynessa East faced many obstacles while earning her associate's degree in business administration from Kaplan University.

In the Air Force for six years and married with one child, her first husband did not want her to continue her education. She divorced, remarried and had a second child with her new husband. Lynessa did not think she would ever be able to finish school, but said her Kaplan instructors were always there to help. As a result of earning her associate's degree, she received a significant raise and has a great future at the agricultural cooperative where she works, especially now that she is continuing her education at Kaplan by pursuing a bachelor's degree in business administration.

Lynessa said she loves the flexibility Kaplan offers, and over the years has successfully juggled attending school fulltime, helping her mom with a catering business, opening two businesses, and being a mom wife and homemaker.

Because of Kaplan, she said, she's been able to persevere.


Spotlight: Military Spouse Awarded Ft. Hood Memorial Scholarship

Megan Davis was awarded the Kaplan University Fort Hood Memorial Scholarship toward her studies at Kaplan University's School of Health Studies. Megan's husband Staff Sergeant Michael Davis was among those wounded at the mass shooting at Fort Hood in Texas in 2009. Click the link to see a video of the presentation to Megan.

U.S. Army Sgt. Major Jack Tilley, Megan Davis, and Staff Sgt. Michael Davis at KU's February 2011 commencement.





Total 2011 military enrollment at Kaplan University was approximately 9,400 students:

• Active-duty: 2,572 (27%)
• Veterans: 5,284(56%)
• Spouses: 1,519 (16%)



As of 2011, more than 5,600 have graduated from Kaplan University:

• Active duty: 1,498
• Veterans: 3,634
• Spouses: 510



On average, Kaplan University's military students:

• are in their early to mid 30's
• have an average household income of approximately $34,000
• are evenly split between male and female students


Financial Profile

Historical averages for KU military students (since 2009):

• 49% use Title IV funding (loans and/or grants)
• 35% are Pell eligible
• 40% use VA funding (which includes GI Bill/Vocational Rehab


Reduced Tuition Rates for Military Students

The University significantly reduces its tuition for undergraduate military students. The reduction is designed to allow students to pay using only military benefits (minimizing out-of-pocket expenses).

The reduced rates are as follows:

• Active-duty: 55% reduction
• Veterans: 38% reduction
• Military spouses: 10% reduction

Additionally, Kaplan University participates in the Yellow Ribbon program for those attending Kaplan's graduate programs.


Alliances and Affiliations

• Member of the Servicemember Opportunity Colleges (SOC) Consortium

• Alliance agreements with Amvets and the Military Benefits Association.

• Supports the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR), a Department of Defense agency whose mission is to gain and maintain employer support for Guard and Reserve service.

• Awarded Fort Hood Memorial Scholarship (a full scholarship) in honor of those lost their lives during the Fort Hood shooting in November 2009.

• Supports ThanksUSA, an organization that supports military families through scholarships, with one full undergraduate scholarship for a military spouse.


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