Online NCLEX Preparation

How Online NCLEX Preparation Can Help You Pass the Boards
Go beyond a review of your nursing school training with Kaplan's innovative online NCLEX preparation program. This one of a kind course is designed to go beyond your nursing knowledge and help you build real-life learning skills and practical assessments that can help you as you work in the fast-paced, on-demand medical industry. In fact, we're so confident in our online NCLEX preparation that we guarantee you'll pass the boards as a result of our unique training program. Here's how it works.
The Decision Tree - A Kaplan Exclusive
One of the ways our online NCLEX preparation goes beyond typical test prep is the Decision Tree. This instruction method helps you develop critical thinking skills and proper assessments that can help you in your medical career. Working within the decision tree structure, you'll be able to identify the core question, simplify it, and then narrow down the choices to determine the best fit for the particular situation. It's just one more way Kaplan works to ensure your online NCLEX preparation goes beyond the test and into real-life scenarios.
Practice Tests Available At a Click of the Mouse
Put your skills and knowledge to the test with in-depth practice exams that realistically mirror the actual NCLEX exam. One of the hallmarks of Kaplan's intuitive online NCLEX preparation is our detailed question/answer reports and graphs. Not only will you learn the correct answer and explanation to every question, but you'll also be able to pinpoint areas of weakness through performance charts that help you decide where to target your studies for maximum efficiency and a higher score. Combine this with thousands of questions from the QBANK, an online database of NCLEX questions that you can access 24/7, and you'll see why no other test prep company helps you succeed like Kaplan. Start today with online NCLEX preparation that fits your lifestyle and your schedule. You'll pass or your money back!