Smart Track

How Smart Track Can Help Your Child's Education
Smart Track is a unique online program developed by Kaplan to help children improve their math and reading skills. As a leader in the education field for over 70 years, Kaplan is committed to providing access to the tools your child needs to be at their very best. Smart Track was designed to help them reach those goals by providing a customizable curriculum, assessment and tracking tools so that you can monitor your child's progress directly online. Here's how it works:
Custom Curriculum Helps Fast-Track Your Child's Success
Why waste time on concepts your child has already learned and mastered? Smart Track intelligently assesses your child's reading or math abilities and constructs a customized curriculum, tailor made for the way they learn best. Children are challenged and rewarded through a fun, interactive program that makes math and reading fun and inviting. At the same time, you can feel confident that they're learning the exact material they need according to your local state standards. Smart Track continually adapts its programming to precisely focus on the areas where your child is having difficulty – all in a fun and engaging online program that keeps them involved.
Monitor Your Child's Progress with Real-Time Reports
Smart Track gives parents the ability to monitor their child's progress by providing measurable, real-time results through an intuitive, user-friendly online account. See the skills your child is currently working on, and where they've struggled. Pinpoint exact concepts and review their scores. It's all available in your secure online account.
Whether your child is just starting kindergarten or they're currently in middle school, we invite you and your child to try Smart Track absolutely free for seven days. Watch them learn with helpful online games that ignite their love of learning. Start now and see how Smart Track can put your child on the right track toward mastering new skills in reading and math.