4th Grade Tutoring

Does Your Child Need Need 4th Grade Help?
Fourth grade can be a challenging time for kids. They're starting to read entire books with excitement and learning more difficult math skills like long division. Still, fourth grade can be difficult for kids who struggle with math or reading, which is why Kaplan has developed a unique and interactive way of giving them the 4th grade help they need – right when they need it most. It's called Smart Track, and here's how it works to help develop a love of learning in your child.
Watch Your Child Progress Through Fun, Interactive Learning Games
With Kaplan's unique 4th grade help programs, your child will discover an exciting and engaging online environment that rewards them for solving problems. To start, Smart Track will evaluate how much 4th grade help your child needs by doing a fun and thorough assessment. This unique tailor-made curriculum then helps pinpoint and test your child on weak areas while congratulating them on their improvement. Kids love to be challenged and play online games. Smart Track gives them the 4th grade help they need while engaging with games they already enjoy.
Parents Stay Updated with Smart Track Reports
Our 4th grade help programs are designed to keep parents informed every step of the way. As your child learns and progresses through the program, you can feel confident that he or she is learning according to current state curriculum goals. What's more, you can also check your child's progress at any time through a direct online account. See what they're working on and get specific details on the 4th grade help they need most. It's the kind of helpful, accountable measurement you'd expect from Kaplan, an educational leader for over 70 years. Try Smart Track today with your child for one full week, absolutely free. If you decide it's just the 4th grade help your child needs, each month is just $29. It's a small price to pay to give your child the enthusiasm that comes with a love of learning!