SAT Online Course

How an SAT Online Course from Kaplan Can Help You
The SAT is one of the most important tests for determining your college aptitude and your ability to get into the school of your choice. Getting a high score is just the first step in preparing for a future full of possibilities and potential. With over 70 years in test preparation excellence, Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions offers complete SAT online course plans to help you at this crucial point in your academic career. Here are just a few of the many ways our SAT online course can help you achieve your scholastic goals.
Individualized Prep Delivered in an SAT Online Course
Study for the SAT on your own schedule. Kaplan's SAT online course lets you prepare in a way that's flexible and convenient. With our unique, student-centered approach to learning, we discover the areas where you perform best, and where you could improve. Then, our intelligent technology helps you focus on needed improvements to help boost your test score. We guarantee you'll get a higher score as a result of taking our SAT online course, or your money back.
SmartTrack Technology Works with Your Learning Abilities
Kaplan's revolutionary SmartTrack technology helps devise an individualized instruction plan as part of your SAT online course. By focusing on the most relevant areas, you get tips, techniques and customized tools that help you perform at your best. With our live SAT online course, you get expert-led lessons, dynamic instruction, test-taking strategies and in-depth help where you need it most. With direct online classroom-led instruction, or practice content that you can learn at your own pace – Kaplan's SAT online course has you covered.
Take Your SAT Prep to the Next Level
With engaging online instruction, over 1,000 practice problems, a tailor-made study plan and step by step exercises, you'll have all the preparation you need to take the SAT with confidence. Guaranteed results and 24/7 access make our SAT online course one of the most popular choices for today's on the go students. Try the SAT online course at Kaplan today and see the difference it could make in your test score!