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Pursuing your goals and acquiring the education needed to succeed can seem impossible without putting your current life on hold. That's why graduate studies at Kaplan University are made to fit your life and your schedule. Our online master's degree programs could help you prepare for a new career or expand your knowledge to help you improve your marketability and stand out from other applicants. Here are a few reasons why you'll want to consider Kaplan University's online master's degree programs to further your educational goals.

Programs Focused on Student Success

Kaplan University offers a wide variety of online master's degree programs. You can receive your master of arts in education for multiple grade levels and subject-specific concentrations. Kaplan also offers master's in business administration with specialized course paths in entrepreneurship, marketing, health care and more. If you enjoy the legal and criminal justice fields, you'll be glad to know that Kaplan provides online master's degree programs in the fields of global issues in criminal justice, policing, corrections and law.* Our master of science in legal studies provides intensive study in the fields of health care, government, media and much more.

Hands-On, Interactive Learning that Goes Beyond the Textbook

If you're interested in technical, hands-on learning, Kaplan's online master's degree programs could be the perfect fit. Our information technology master's program includes specializations in project management, entrepreneurship, business intelligence and security. The Master of Science in Nursing program offers a practicum experience designed to put your knowledge to work with a mentor in a facility selected by the student, in consultation with the Practicum Coordinator. Many of our curriculums combine the right balance of theory and practice to help prepare you for your career.

Start Your Continuing Education Today with Online Master's Degree Programs that Fit Your Schedule

Kaplan University prides itself on giving you the educational tools and resources to help you succeed - no matter where you live. Our online master's degree programs have been developed to include dynamic lessons that keep you involved in the growing demands of your chosen career, while learning from experienced professors and faculty that bring knowledge direct to your computer. Take the first step toward reaching your educational goals with online master's degree programs from Kaplan University.

* Additional police academy training may be required to qualify for certain positions in law enforcement.



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